MASS IS BACK at St. Aloysius!

It is no longer necessary to sign up for Mass at St. Aloysius. You are free to attend either Mass currently offered.

Saturdays at 4:00pm and Sundays at 10:30am.


This is a partial list of the updated information given by the Archdiocese, please find the full statement from July 3 here:

​​1. Best practices for sanitation, hygiene, and social distancing should still be followed by all of those attending Mass and other devotions or services. 

2. The Sunday obligation continues to be lifted. The dispensation continues because the Church does not want to place a moral burden on those who should not attend Sunday Mass because of age or health conditions. However, Catholics are still obliged to keep the Commandments, including the Commandment to keep holy the Lord's Day.... Younger adults who are least at risk from the virus should take advantage of the opportunity to participate at Mass and receive Holy Communion if they are properly disposed. If those in good health are attending other large social gatherings, they should also be participating at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays. 

3. Persons with higher vulnerability to the virus, for personal safety reasons, are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the dispensation and refrain from attending public Mass on Sunday. 

4. All attendees are encouraged to wear a mask while attending church. 

5. To achieve the recommended social distancing we will sit every other pew. Families from the same household can sit closer together in the same pew. People not from the same household can share a pew but encouraged to maintain 6ft apart.

6. Out of charity and concern for the welfare of others, anyone with any kind of acute symptoms, a fever, cough or recent exposure to an infected person should not attend any religious services.

7. As you go to communion, you will go six feet apart please observe the mask usage practices described in the tutorial video. The Eucharist will only be available in the bread form. Communion will be given during Mass in the hand.

8. Pews and commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized between Masses and other devotionals.

9. Confessions will held in a Religious Education classroom prior to each Mass. Saturday 3:45-4:15pm & Sunday 9:45-10:15am, Tues/Thurs 7:45-8:15am.

Any questions please call or email the church office or Fr. Barnabas



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