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     I would like to thank all of you for the very warm welcome I have received from all of the parishioners here at St Aloysius Parish.  We are in very difficult times and as such I have not been able to personally meet and get to know all of you but that will come with time.


     I have discovered that this is a very lively and active parish with many different ministries taking place given the circumstances.  I was also stunned to have around 50 people attend the adult education classes I began last week.  The parishioners of St. Aloysius are very faith filled and have a thirst for learning more about their faith as well as putting it into practice.

     The COVID 19 pandemic comes with many pastoral difficulties and challenges for every pastor in the Archdiocese.  Every pastor has to balance offering the best and fullest worship service they can with the safety of all the parishioners and this can be difficult to do but St. Aloysius, thanks to Fr. Jim Moster, is doing very well with masks and physical distancing, and we have had no problems so far within the parish itself.


     Last Sunday we put into place the Archbishops new recommendations for limited singing at the Sunday morning mass.  The Bishop made these recommendations in consultation with his medical advisors with the implementation being up to the local pastor. In consultation with the pastoral council I have decided to have limited singing at the 10:30 mass on Sunday.  I would also to apologize for my “rookie mistake: of not informing you all sooner.


     There may be some parishioners who are uncomfortable with the singing at the 10:30 Sunday mass so I have decided that we will continue without music at the 4:00 mass Saturday evening.

     The current COVID 19 protections in place here at St Aloysius are as high, if not higher, than what is required by the county health department itself and it is my opinion, given the age of our parishioners, we keep things as they are for some time to come.


     My door is always open and I welcome your feedback on how we can do things better here at St. Aloysius Parish.  We are all facing these difficult and trying times together.


Fr Barnabas Eichor, o.f.m.Cap

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