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Letter From

Fr. Barnabas

Feb 4, 2021




Dear Parishioner of St Aloysius Parish

     The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed many lives through the world.  The circumstances of the pandemic meant that many of the victims died without their family by their side, deprived of the visit, affection and embrace of their loved ones and family members.  Few had the benefits of the blessings of the Sacrament of Anointing and the Holy Eucharist.  Due to fear of infection and the spread of the disease, private burial rites were immediately held so families were not able to accompany them in their moments and did not even have time to grieve.

     The pandemic has also caused economic hardship for many as businesses have suffered greatly because of the shutdowns that have occurred over the last fourteen months.  Parents have been greatly burdened with having to assist their children with schoolwork online and from home.  The pandemic caused the shutdown of the schools separated students from their friends, teachers, and other means of help and support.  In one way or another everyone has suffered from the pandemic.

     After fourteen months the pandemic continues to be a devastating problem in many places in the world, especially in poorer counties.  We are fortunate that in this country the vaccines are widely available and a substantial part of the country have been vaccinated and the restrictions are coming to an end.     We need to continue to pray for those who are in areas of the world that are still being ravaged by the pandemic. 

     The pandemic has reminded me of how fortunate we are to once again unite ourselves to Christ through the Sacraments of the Church especially the Eucharist.  There are many places in the world where it is not safe for Catholics to live their faith and celebrate the Eucharist.  Our faith is rooted in the Incarnation, it is all about God making himself visible to us and being with us in celebration of the Mass where we encounter and truly receive the Lord in the Eucharist.  Fortunately, Archbishop Naumann has been able to lift the Mass dispensation and the Covid restrictions have been greatly reduced throughout the country.

     I look forward to seeing you all at Mass so that we together can worship our Lord as he asked us to do “Do this in memory of me”.


Fr Barnabas Eichor ofm.Cap