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The Miracles of Christ announce the Kingdom of God

Because of the Prophecy of Isiah 55 that when the Kingdom of God comes, Thus says the LORD:
All you who are thirsty,
come to the water!
You who have no money,
come, receive grain and eat;
Come, without paying and without cost,
drink wine and milk!

The miracle of the loaves and the fishes was Jesus’ sign, which prefigures the Holy Eucharist, which announces the presence of the Kingdom of God for those who have the spiritual vision to see what is actually going on.  The Eucharist is an invitation to us who can see to participate in the announcing of the Kingdom of God in our world.

In John’s Gospel this account says that a little boy had a lunch of five barley loaves and two fishes…Jesus askes the boy, who gives it.  Jesus is able to feed 5,000 plus with his little gift.

Here we again are participating in the Eucharist and announcing the Kingdom.

Jesus takes our little offering to Him and is able to feed thousands.  We have no idea where our offering, no matter how insignificant we may think it to be, will benefit others.

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