Upcoming events

Join us for a trip to Benedictine College for the January 23 Underground Event.

3:45pm Depart from St. Aloysius

5:00pm Pizza

5:30pm Doors Open

6:00pm Keynote Speaker - Sarah  Swafford

7:00pm Adoration

8:00am Candlelit Mass

Please contact

Linda Smith staloysiusdre@gmail.com, 776-1616

or Samantha Stallbaumer stallbaumers@gmail.com, 249-1303

if you would like to attend

If you would like to have your name added to the contact list email either Linda at staloysiusdre@gmail.com or the church office at stalsmer@yahoo.com


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Fr. Barnabas Eichor, ofm.Cap

785-484-3312, eichorbarnabas@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant:

Samantha Stallbaumer

785-484-3312, stalsmer@yahoo.com

Director of Religious Education

Linda Smith

785-484-3312, staloysiusdre@gmail.com

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